God save my immortal soul for reading Tina Brown’s column.

Fake movie stars romantic relationships were used in the 40’s to generate headlines, and I suspect they might have been successful in an era where the audience isn’t as media-saturated and savvy as we are today.

But today, it’s getting old.  Nobody buys it anymore.

Ben Affleck and Tom Cruise.  We all assume they’re gay, right?  So why do
their fake publicity relationships get so much media time?  Tina Brown wonders the same thing, and for once I think she has a good point.

I just don’t think anyone buys it anymore, and if you were Cruise’s
publicist trying to be strategic about it, why would you pair Tom
Cruise up with someone so far his junior that she could be his
daughter?  You know that’s going to make half this country’s
Red-Staters disapprove and possibly even skip your latest movie.

I just don’t think anybody believes it.  We didn’t believe it about J.
Lo and Ben, we didn’t believe it about Penelope Cruz and Tom Cruise,
and I don’t believe it about Katie Holmes.

There are limits to what you should do to advance your career, and I
can’t see trashing your way through relationships, especially when you
have kids yourself, to be an acceptable technique.

PS I think Brad Pitt’s actually sleeping with all those chicks he’s rumored to be hanging with.  He’s a total dog.