Serenity: the movie version of “Firefly”

The tv show Firefly drove the purchase of my first Tivo.  I annoyed the hell out of a coworker who had a Tivo to tape it for me, and he finally said ‘no’, and I realized I needed one badly rather than miss an episode.

The show, which packs the same quantity of creativity and vision as the original Star Wars movie in its time, only ran for 11 episodes and was then cancelled by the network for inexplicable reasons.  However the fans were absolutely insane and creator Joss Whedon seemed to have no trouble getting a movie deal from Universal to make a film that picked up where the tv series left off.  You probably know Whedon’s work from ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel"), so you know he’s no slouch.

In September the movie will come out for general theatrical release*, but until then, here’s the trailer.

*Note that there are some advanced screenings in selected cities coming, but Washington DC is not one of them.