How to survive a zombie attack, from Kuro5hin

If I was famous, I’d be asked all sorts of inane questions like, "What tv shows are you watching?"  (Deadwood, now that Carnivale is in between seasons).  Perhaps the poker press would want to know my 1 table Sit N’ Go strategy.  (Don’t draw to any hand for the first three levels, and if you want, wash your dishes during that time if you can also keep an eye on the computer while you’re doing it.)

But I’m not famous, which means I’m going to tell you something about myself for no good reason.

I love apocalyptic film.   I love to see civilization destroyed.  Note that I said civilization, not the physical planet we live on.  And one of the best apocalyptic genres, in my opinion, is the zombie film.

Where else do they ruin the world and toss in the ever present threat of gruesome death?  Zombie films rock, with my ties for a favorite being "28 Days Later" and the remake of "Dawn of the Dead".  "28 Days Later" has one of the best music/suspense arcs I’ve ever watched, and if you get a chance, watch the scene where Jim breaks into the military mansion to rescue Selena and listen carefully to the soundtrack.  The slow build creates an amazing amount of tension that becomes taut when Selena and Jim nearly kill each other.

So, with that in mind, I suggest you read "How to survive a zombie attack", over Kuro5hin.  You never know, it just might help you out someday.