First quarter poker results

YTD: +US$205.68

1Q2005 poker results are good!  This number is made up of live cash games and tournaments (+$173.58), online cash games (+$54.10), and online tournaments (-$22.00).

The loss in the online tournaments category masks my real moneymaker, $5 Sit ‘n Go tournaments.  These are the lowest tournaments you can enter, and they’re simply 10 people who sit down and pay $5 (+$1 fee to the poker site) to try their hand at a poker tournament.  In 2005 I’ve made over $200 at these, winning money 81% of the time.  I tend to play these and then lose my money playing more expensive tournaments where the players are better.

In the live play category, I racked up some wins in the Florida casinos, and also won the Mindshare weekly tournament a while ago, which strengthened my results quite a bit.