Yes, you should buy an iPod Shuffle.

So the iPod Shuffle came out yesterday. It’s a small 512MB/1GB flash MP3 player. That means you can cram it full of 150 or so songs and listen to it.

When I saw the price ($99 for 512MB and $150 for 1GB) I thought, “Hm, that’s cheap”. Well, it is cheap, And also small. Real small. 0.78 ounces to be exact.

I had great plans to perform an analysis of how it stacked up in $ per megabyte against other players, as well as $ per oz as a form of measurement. However Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal beat me to the punch and said it already, “Belying it’s high-priced reputation, Apple has actually undercut the market.” He’s not talking about undercutting one competitor, but the entire market.

Go get yourself an iPod Shuffle. And if you missed my birthday last May, go buy me one too. I’ll forgive you.