December poker results

All amounts in US$ Month to date Year to date
Online -$226.46 -$1135.10
Casinos 0 -$1,135.00
$ SUBTTL -$226.46 -$2,280.10
Prizes $0 +$577.00
TTL -$226.46 -$1,703.10

And that’s the year. I spent this year learning how to play poker and losing about $2200. I won some prizes, but on the whole I am a consistently losing player for 2004.

All that being said, I had a lot of fun. I’m not good enough to convince myself that I’ll be a winning player in 2005, but I’m not losing so badly I think I’ll stop. It’s an affordable vice for me, and I’d frankly be happy if I was even for next year.