October poker results

October results

All amounts in US$ Month to date Year to date
Online -$338.38 -$441.84
Casinos -$250.00 -$1,257.00
$ SUBTTL -$588.38 -$1,698.84
Prizes $0 +$577.00
TTL +$588.38 -$1,121.84

October results are up and it sucked. I took a bath in October. Lost money in live games and online. Of course this sent me back to the books to work on my game, which is always a good thing. And I don’t play with more money than I can afford, which is also a good thing.

I have a poker buddy who is good enough to have built a bankroll that lets him play at very high levels. High enough that he doesn’t make enough money to replenish his bankroll should he lose a large hunk of it due to bad play or bad luck.

That’s not me. I still play baby poker.

I switched to a new online poker site for November which gives me some of the rake back. Also they have a deposit bonus, and I’m slowly earning that has well. I am resigned to the concept that this will be a year of poker in the red though. Disappointing, yes, but I’m not in denial, which is important..