Where the hell have you been?

A good friend of mine (K, if you remember him) asked me what’s up with my blog.

Do you have writer’s block? I’ve got nothing to do at work anymore since you stopped writing.

Clearly K reads my blog only because he can’t surf porn at work without getting caught.

Anyway, here’s what’s new:

Our stove broke and Sarah, proving that she’s a half-glass-full kind of girl, insisted we continue cooking on the grill. We’ve made basically every meal on the grill. She even made a pie. I’m jonesing for the stove pretty bad, but it’s been interesting.

I’ve been playing a lot of online poker, and I’ll be playing a lot more. One of my favorite games recently got raided by the cops (I wasn’t there thankfully) and everyone else has shut down. I’m happy with online poker for the moment. By the way July was a great month online.

Sarah and I went canoeing on the Potomac with Hagrid and loved it.