July poker totals

All amounts in US$ Month to date Year to date
Online +$249.82 -$346.27
Casinos -$305.25 -$1,112.00
$ SUBTTL -$55.43 -$1,458.27
Prizes +$25.00 +$577.00
TTL -$30.43 -$881.27

I found my stride in online poker in July. The numbers don’t show that I made almost $600 in July playing $1/$2. I used over half of it to try and qualify for online tournaments with big prizes (like the World Poker Tour).

I think I’m just going to spend August making money at $1/$2 and give the tournaments a rest. In the fall after talking with Sarah I’m going to devise a financial strategy that diverts some profit from cash games to tournaments.

Also, almost all my favorite local poker games got raided by the cops or went on hiatus, so most of my action will be in the online category in August.

*I’ve compared my month over month totals and I’m losing about $110 somewhere in the weeds. I think this is due to the fact that I have so many different programs I’m keeping track of my winnings in. I hope to consolidate them soon and eliminate that error in the future.

**I received a $25 bonus for depositing some more money into a poker account. Can’t really call that winnings, so it’s considered a prize.