June poker winnings

All amounts in US$ This month This year
Online +148.50 -897.89
Casinos +84.50 -806.75
TTL +233.00 -1,704.39

Two items of note: I played a game of $1/$2 pot limit in a casino this month after doing very well in several online tournaments and won $335. (Bought in for $200 and left with $535). I promptly went to play $3/$6 limit at another casino the next night and lost $275. So I was profitable but not as much as I wanted to be. I still have something to learn about reading a game and waiting for good cards. Mostly I just realized that Pot Limit poker pays me off better when I have the nuts than limit poker does.

Online I’ve been doing quite well. $10 limit hold ’em tournaments were my best moneymaker in the first half of the month, and in the second half I started to do really well at $5 pot limit hold ’em tournaments. My average placing in all the $5 and $10 tournaments is around 4.7. As I get better and that average moves up, I should see even higher profitability.

I’m also going to start playing “qualifier” tournaments because they pay better. These $5 and $10 quickie ones just pay 5x your entry. I played in one qualifier this month and came in 25th out of 270. They cost $10 to enter, and the first 14 places all got an entry into a bigger tournament. However you can unregister from the bigger tournament and pocket the $211 entry fee, which is 21x your original qualifier entry. Most people take that $211 and go on and play the next level tournament, but I think that if I win one I’ll just pocket the cash.

By the way, coming in 25th out of 270 was quite a rush, and I’m really proud of it. Sure I didn’t get paid, but hell, I’m better than 255 other poker players out there.