July month to date

All amounts in US$ This month This year
Online +$285.99 -$608.55
Casinos -$255.25 -$1,062.00
$ SUBTTL +$30.74 -$1,670.55
Prizes* +$552.00 +$552.00
TTL +$582.74 -$1,118.55

*It’s difficult to figure out how to account for non-cash winnings. For example in July I’ve so far won two $226 tournament seats. I won’t cash those in, but is it really right to mark that as cash? If I (when I) win a seat on the Party Poker Million tournament cruise, that’s also an intangible.

I’ve discussed it with Sarah and we’ve agreed they need their own winnings category without losing sight of the bottom line essence of the cash.