It’s been a good month so far.

No one will notice me down here so low.

We’ve been painting this month like fiends, eschewing most social events and other fun in order to get our work done. I’ve also been working on my online game, and have some exciting news! I’ve qualified for the Party Poker Million IV semi-finals through a satellite tournament that I won.

The tournament I played to win a seat in the semi-finals costs $32. The winner gets a free seat in the semi-finals, which is worth $226. It wasn’t that hard to win, actually. If you place in the top 22 among the 600 or so entrants of the semi-finals you get tickets for two on a free cruise and a free entry into the final tournament. This entry normally costs $10,000, but you get it as part of the package.

This final tournament is one of the World Poker Tour events, broadcast on television, and first prize is over $1 million. I’ve discussed it with a couple of my poker buddies, and I think the publicity of the tournament has made the satellites a little soft.

Also I’m making a lot of money (about $65) daily playing $1/$2 tables. It’s about $10-$15 per hour, which is considered spectacular profitability for that level of game. So I’m going to keep doing that and enter as many of these satellites as I can.