Poker Winnings 6-21-04

All amounts in US$ This month This year
Online +147.00 -743.84
Casinos +11.50 -879.75
TTL +158.50 -1,623.59

All I’ve done this month is play online tournaments of Limit Texas Hold’em. I’ve played in about 52 of them, so my play time is about 60 hours. With a profit showing of $158.50 thus far, I’m making about $2.64 / hour. Not an impressive living.

However the good news is that I’m almost to the point where my average final position is “in the money”. In $10 entry fee tournaments, my average final place right now is fourth. If I can move my average position up to third then I will become solidly profitable since the first three finishers all make money. At the moment my first place finishes are subsidizing my others, and while I am profitable, I’m not profitable enough to move up levels.

Interestingly enough, My average finish in $5 entry fee tournaments is fifth. Fifth makes me a break even player for $5 tournaments.