Somewhere off my center

411: The Bicycle Club Casino, Bell Gardens neighborhood, Los Angeles, CA

At my funeral you should play: Check it out.

During my week in LA I basically followed a simple routine. Wake up, go to E3, take a gazillion photos and become overwhelmed by the quantity of people and noise, leave and go to card room, extract money from locals. Occasionally I’d get off the treadmill to visit friends.

By the way, the house in DC is still a mess. You know it’s fascinating how much disturbance I can live with. No kitchen, dust everywhere, being removed from my element at the drop of a hat for seven weeks, no dogs or wife, wife with serious injury, dog with serious illness, etc. Given all that’s happened, I’m handling it better than most, I think.

The only two consistent signs of stress I’ve exhibited are: a) I’ve pretty much stopped working out since the construction guys trashed my home gym, and b) I’m particularly bad about calling anyone back. Ever.

Over the next few weeks a number of things should fall into place: Sarah and the dogs (and the motorcycle return), the construction finishes, and I will get my home gym rebuilt.

A return to normalcy is nearly here.