What’s going through this guy’s head?


411: The Red Line

Listening to: One word, son: “plastics”

In the 1970’s: I wouldn’t be on this damn train if Carter had enough balls to just take the oil from those stupid Arabs. Oh hey, look, here’s another factory I could purchase, close and sell off for the value of the assets..

In the 1980’s: That Ronald Reagan, he’s just the best President ever. If only his wife hadn’t driven up the price of coke so high. It’s really eating into my junk bond bankroll…

In the 1990’s: Let’s see..NASDAQ listings…R…S…T. Ah yes, yesterday’s prices for Toejam.com….C’mon baby…..Oh cool! My net worth exceeds the GNP of New Zealand. I think I’ll buy my own helicopter so I don’t have to ride with the rest of these rabble. I mean, they’re probably only millionaires.

In the early 0’s (the oh’s): Hm, this train is nicer than the car I missed the payments on. I hope they’re having potluck or something at work today, so I can avoid paying for lunch…