On my way….

Because of the workload associated with being Sarah’s at-home healthcare worker full time, I haven’t had a chance to post anything. Back to my normal schedule soon.

411: On my way to Boston post-haste, while some orderly (hopefully not dressed in women’s clothes) wheels Sarah into the operating room

Apparently Sarah’s elbow dislocation has complications. Like, not being relocated. At some point in the last week the elbow popped apart and she didn’t notice. When the doctors saw her today they freaked out and sent her to the hospital to immediately be prepped for surgery. They’re apparently worried about loss of function. I’ll let you all know how you can help in the next few days. For now, please give us a couple of days breathing room before calling. E-mail is fine since it doesn’t interrupt and can be fielded at leisure.

While I’m waiting to get on the plane, I leave you with these observations about the airport I spend so much of my time in.

In every airport somewhere, in fact, in probably every terminal, there’s someone in the middle of “The Davinci Code”.

Now matter how compelling this issue of Harper’s with the story about the Clear Channel ad network looks, you can’t buy Harper’s at this newsstand in the Delta terminal at National. They don’t carry Harper’s.

Now matter how much you’ve heard about the joys of fish tacos from your friends from Los Angeles, don’t order the fish tacos at Maui Taco in National airport.