If you don’t recognize the dead money at the table…

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411: A sad excuse for legalized gambling, a Jai Alai betting facility

They say that if you don’t recognize the sucker when you sit down at the poker table, the sucker is you.

I got snowed in on my day trip to Boca Raton to see a new vendor and had to spend the night. After re-renting a car, I left the airport and booked the first $50 motel room I could find. Little did I know that was a waste of $50.

I then consulted the guidebook and found the Jai Alai betting facility. I can’t understand why people don’t recognize how easy it is to fix a game that nobody understands in the first place, but I saw plenty of betting anyway. I skipped that, of course, and headed straight for the poker tables.

I indeed spotted the fish as they came in and sat down at the table. What the saying doesn’t elaborate on, however, is if the fish leaves the table, are you the new fish?

I played until midnight and then headed over to the Seminole casino in Hollywood FL and played until 5am the next morning. I think the most fun I had was classifying each player and then pressuring them. After a few hours I was able to read their hands through their betting. I was playing K6 suited and the board was 4-4-4-5.

I realized nobody had been betting a pair, or even an ace, and so I bet before the last card and got three callers. Up came my king, and I realized that I probably would have even won with high kicker king.

I played until about 5am, and after relieving the locals of $50 at $1/$2 hold ’em, I collected my belongings from the motel and caught my plane.