Note that I’ll be updating the site a little less often. I’ve lost home phone/DSL service and it’s thrown my working rhythm off, as well as my online poker habit.

As you’ve heard, Sarah’s down to one arm. Last time I saw her was when I had to the airport last Sunday to come back to work in DC. That, by the way, is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I twice stopped on the way to the airport and had to talk myself out of turning back.

Our dogs, Zisa (pictured) and Hagrid are keeping her company. Zisa’s more a high maintenance dog than Hagrid, but more intuitive. Sarah’s taught her a new command, “pull”. Having only one arm, it’s difficult for Sarah to remove clothing with sleeves. So she holds a sleeve or a pant leg out, and commands Zisa with “PULL”. Off comes the sleeve/pant-leg, sock, whatever.