And by your OCD, know thyself.


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411: In my home gym

Listening to: The Roots, “bought this, and I think I got a decent deal. It’s entirely waterproof, and these fun colors. All told I covered an 8′ x 14′ area for about $220, which is equivalent to five months of my unused Gold’s Gym membership. So I think it’s a good deal since I’m working out four times a week now.

I lay down the foam tiles during 30/60 second rest periods in between my sets last night. I was able to toss down two or three tiles before having to return to my exercise task. It occured to me that perhaps I ought to have a pattern to put them in, and then it hit me. There are three kinds of people in this world:

People who think carefully about the tile pattern, set it down, and can defend the system rationally

People who just don’t care, and

People whose wive’s OCD will kick in when they see it, and will compulsively re-arrange it regardless of your wishes.

Since I fall into the second and third categories, this is pretty much the order they came out of the box.