What I was doing on Christmas Eve…


A little flashback to my Christmas Eve won’t hurt you. Just close your eyes and imagine that today is December 24th, 2003. Don’t click on the photo unless you want to see the awful state of my thumb’s cuticles up close.

411: Ronald Reagan National Airport

Listening to: “White Christmas” covered by Harry Conick Jr.

She was begging me for a Mindshare.

After all, I’ve got five nieces and nephews, and I’m bringing them presents though we were specifically told it’s not necessary to buy them anything. I couldn’t resist. We have this awesome toy store in Cleveland Park called Sullivan’s. It’s the total opposite of going to a KB or a Toys ‘R Us. There’s more emphasis on crafts than Elmo dolls. In fact, it’s attached to a craft store. This came in handy when we had our annual Hannukah Gambling party and needed to outfit the Children’s Room with entertainment. We got PlayDoh, markers, posters, and things you have to entertain yourself with, instead of the other way around.

Besides, kids are germ factories. I figure bringing them the flu is like a pre-emptive strike. I can do the math, and odds are good that at least one of them is or has been sick in the last week. By going home I would have likely picked up what they were spitting up. I’m just striking first.

Like President Bush and Iraq. Or like what Cheney wants to do to Iran.