Gino, call me, please.


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411: A Georgetown garage, underneath Morton’s Temple of Beef

Listening to: The riffling sound of money being counted, and bills being “faced”.

Who is Gino? Is Gino a name or a euphemism? A nome de plume, perhaps?

How often does Gino come by to pick up his envelope?

Does Gino like large bills or small bills? If there’s $350 in his envelope, would he rather have 3 100’s and a 50, or does he want 17 20’s and a 10?

Is Gino’s take a percentage, or is it fixed every week?

When was the last time Gino demanded more?

Does Gino have someone else come get his envelope?

Is Gino tall? Is he short? Is he overweight? Does he eat too much steak at Morton’s upstairs?

Is Gino actually Italian? Is Gino an anachronistic name for a Hispanic man with an Italian parent who needed to assert his ethnic identity on his child after an argument with the non-Italian mother of his child? Is Gino the name of the cabdriver that delivered him as a baby in heavy traffic?

What position does Gino occupy in his organization? Is he a parking clerk? A parking garage manager? Or does Gino ‘protect’ this garage from unwanted interference by rival gangs?

What does Gino do with his money when he leaves here? Does he hoard it in a Simple-IRA, or does he spend it at Camelot on strippers?

What sort of strippers does Gino like? I don’t mean blondes vs. brunettes vs. redheads, but body type. Does Gino prefer women who are natural or surgically enhanced? Does he like pubic hair or no public hair?

Or, as one of my house painters confided to me, does he just give most of it to his wife and “forget” to tell her about the true cost of the work he did? Does he have a wife and a mistress? Does he have money troubles paying for them both?

Tell me about Gino.