Overheard downtown…

411: TenPenh, a stylishly expensive DC restaurant

Listening to: Forks clinking, glasses chinking

Host: “Hello sir, welcome to TenPenh, please follow Ann to your table.” (whispers) “Table 7, in the corner”

Hostess: “This way, sir”


Host: “Hm, perhaps we should have a dress code..”

Hostess: “Did you see that camera? I don’t want him taking pictures in here, it’ll scare off our other patrons.”

Host: “He kind of looks like paparazzi. Who comes to lunch here wearing a motorcycle jacket, a wool hat, and expensive sunglasses towing a camera out of its case?”

Hostess: “It’s hard to forbid that. ‘Leather jacket’ is such a vague description. He wouldn’t let me check the camera, just laughed at me.”

Host: “Paparazzi photographers get decent money, but I doubt political paparazzi make much.”

Hostess: “Well either way, he’s not spending it on clothing…”