Fun with my new camera

411: North end of Boston

Listening to: A cappucino maker doing it’s thing

Note: This did not occur during my sugar free December

This is the best cappucino I’ve ever had.

It was made for me by a young man of about 15, who works in this little bakery/coffee house in the North End of Boston. I took the photo with my new Canon MoneyPit 5000 Digital Rebel SLR.

I don’t have much else interesting to say about it. I couldn’t come up with a clever way to describe the kid, or the rap lyrics that he hid when I walked in. Nor can I tell you much about the spooky guy that changed the tv channel against his wishes, and mysteriously dropped out of the place to follow someone down the street, and then returned without a word.

So, just spend a little extra time appreciating this beautiful photo I took of my dessert back in November when I still ate sugar.

Hey, here’s a question for you: As a reader, do you know that you can often click on the photo to the right and get the larger version? Please post a comment “I know”, or “I didn’t know that”.