Gotta feed the beast.


It’s called Jasper White’s Summer Shack.

It should be called, “big corrugated metal warehouse where sadists attempt to kill you by overfeeding you the best seafood they can find”.

Ok, that’s over the top, but I’m speaking from experience. My friend and his wife introduced us to the Shack last weekend, and I’m pretty much blown away. The service was crisp, the atmosphere comfortably perfect, and the food. Ah the food. My lobster was huge and delicious. The oysters were plentiful, varied in their selection, and fresh.

What better thing can I say about a restaurant that discourages you from trying a dozen of the same kind of oyster because they want you to sample as much of their inventory as possible?

That photo of White that I stole from his website is a pretty accurate representation of what goes on in the dining room of the Shack. Built around two enormous lobster pots and tanks staffed by two lobster chefs, the Shack understands lobster well, and they’re more than happy to discuss it with you at length.

They don’t take reservations, since presumably all that tedious bookkeeping would fuck up the chi of the hosts, and they don’t care how you’re dressed.

I could not have been happier.