Lost in Translation


Listening To: Airport announcers warn people about parking in the “Red Zone”, in transit between Boston and DC

If you haven’t had a chance to see “Lost in Translation” by Sofia Coppola (starring Bill Murray) put it on your list. The story of two Americans who find themselves untethered in a foreign country, it should be viewed as one of Bill Murray’s most successful dramatic roles.

That’s not to say Murray’s not funny, but he’s not….Bill Murray. The depth of his character’s darkness comes through beautifully, and when he’s funny it’s a sort of ironic, black sort of funny, not the whimsical “Stripes” sort of funny. Not since the Razor’s Edge (1984) has he been given a role with such a dark soul.

Watching him on screen, I had the “Walter Matthau experience”, where I saw the young Bill Murray in my head, and younger viewers next to me saw “this old guy”, named Bill Murray. I suppose that’s a sign of your age.