Listening to: “P.I.M.P.”, by 50 Cent, outrunning Hurricane Isabel in a rental car on I-95 North

So the regional governments went into disaster mode and shut down Washington DC on Thursday. The US Navy put the entire fleet out to sea. (Wait, is that a good idea in this era of heightened security?)

Even my colleagues who live just a mile or two away from our downtown office in the District started using the hurricane as an excuse to leave early. Once everyone was gone, it became difficult to get anything done, so I started looking for a flight to Boston.

The airports, of course, were cancelling flights, so Brian and I rented a car and tried to outdrive the hurricane. You figure Isabelle travels about 10-12mph on land, and we drive at least 70mph even through rain, so even with a head start we’d have it beat by Philly.

I can’t complain. I get to see Sarah a day early, spend a day in our Boston office, and my housesitter gets the whole house for an extra day.