Packing for the desert

Listening to: Kid Rock, the History of Rock

    She: California, eh? You’ll lose your soul out there, ya’ know.

    He: It was bound to go sometime anyway.

I’ve been going through my old camping gear for Burning Man and cleaning up the basement a bit, trying to make room for a card table/cigar smoking room/workshop. Man, I used to take a lot of crap to the desert. I remember when I used to rent an SUV, pack it full (no room for passengers, just me) as well as pile stuff on the roof like those buses in India. I’d haul it out to the desert and then go back and pick up Sarah a day or two later after I’d set everything up.

I’ve weeded extensively, and for the first time, I’ve packed everything I need into just two duffel bags (and they’re not even full) plus a couple of camp chairs. I’ve made a point of packing heavily in the fashion department. My favorite outfit will be my desert formal wear, for the black tie cocktail party we attend every year. I’ve got a tuxedo shirt, black tie and jacket, and a black formal kilt. (from Utilikilt).

For the first time in years, I’m not bringing any large art out. I’m just going to relax and hang out. We’re also not renting an enormo vehicle; just a little economy car. This has made the entire trip cheaper, as well.

Also, for the first time ever, I’m going to bring a camera. I hate the way that people behave when they take pictures, especially the way pathetic guys wearing khakis and polo shirts stand around and take pictures of naked women. There’s something about putting a camera between you and the rest of the world that makes you a spectator. And once you’re spectator at Burning Man, you’re just sucking life out of whatever you’re viewing.

I think I can avoid that.

I’ll post some of the photos when I get back.