I’m Treo’d

So I broke down and picked up the Treo 270 after a long and exhaustive examination of the PocketPC phone product market. Basically, I found that the PocketPC phones weren’t really coming out with QWERTY keyboards (a crucial feature for my blogging needs). And the ones that did have the keyboard (like the Hitachi) weren’t quite there yet.

The keyboard on the Treo isn’t bad, but I think it’s only good for writing limericks and haiku. Anything longer becomes tedious. So, expect short entries and haiku from my Treo. Fans of the Treo note that I’ve bought right behind the bleeding edge, as the Treo 600 comes out in a few months. The keyboard on the Treo 600 is even smaller than the Treo 270, and so I suspect that it will be less useful rather than more.

Incidentally, surfing my site on the Treo’s web browser is awesome. It looks great because of the simple design, and loads quickly.