My flag rant

I’ve always been particular about treatment of the flag. All the time I protested the first Gulf War, I could never get into the idea of disgracing the flag by burning it, or otherwise desecrating it. Perhaps it came from my time in the Boy Scouts, or perhaps it’s because I appreciate symbols. After all, you’re likely to get yourself imprisoned if you desecrate an equivalent symbol in a less enlightened country.

That’s why I’ve finally snapped, and need to point out that since September 11, large portions of the country seem to be under the impression that flags are entriely abusable. Sure, people put those little flags on their car antennae, but when they fall off, they end up in the gutter. They get rained on (even when on your car), and they end up being displayed in the dark. These are not really the ways I’d treat a symbol of freedom, ya’ know. (And don’t tell me it’s because they’re plastic. Check out one of the many tattered cloth flags that well-meaning people have put out by the highway sometime. They’re in sad shape.

So, it is with great hope that suggest you check out recommendations on how to treat the flag.