Skipping Towards Gomorrah

” border=”0″>Skipping Towards Gomorrrah, as a present sooner or later. In it, Savage proceeds to find an American sub-culture that embraces each one of the seven deadly sins, and then proceed to commit the sin with them. This is difficult, since Dan cannot marry (making adulty impossible) but he does make a good run at it.

I have to say that over the few weeks that I slowly read this book, and having also viewed his correspondance with Katie, Savage is not the draw he was once for me. He’s certainly a long way from starting all of his letters with “Hey Faggot”, which I thought was pretty funny and politicall astute, but his shtick just seems to be getting old. He was funny in places, but I think what I’ve realized from this is that a good column writing style doesn’t translate well into an entire book.