No Way to Treat a First Lady

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Warning: I think Christopher Buckley is hysterical. Perhaps it’s
the strange way he dresses when he comes to the dog park by my house
when he walks his dog, but I think that’s just one of life’s little benefits
of living in Washington DC. No, Christopher Buckley is hilarious because
he understands how politics really works, and can make it funny without being
paralyzed by the cynicism that usually accompanies any insightful understanding
of the sausage factory of politics.

Chris Buckley’s newest novel,

The plot isn’t too hard to imagine, given the contentiousness of the Clinton presidency. The President has a guest over in the Lincoln bedroom, spends the wee hours of the night banging her brains out, returns to the bed of his wife, and in the morning wakes up dead. The resulting criminal trial, complete with the PR campaign by attorneys on each side (one of whom is the First Lady’s ex), and the obvious dirty legal tricks, makes for entertaining reading, and was one of the only non-gambling books I brought with me to Key Largo this Christmas.

If you have enjoyed Buckley’s other books, I have no doubt you are simply postponing the inevitable by not going to Amazon right now and buying

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