Hey, I’m no longer flashing the neighborhood

I spent most of Sunday installing blinds on my upstairs, so that I’m no longer flashing the neighborhood every time I get dressed, take a shower, etc.

This entry is all about my blog experiment. I made blogs for as many people as I could push them onto, in order to see what sorts of people actually update them. I mean, there’s this whole idea that the whole world can now publish on the Internet if it wants to, what if the world doesn’t have anything to say?

So, on a regular basis, more or less every week or two, I’ll post the links to all the blogs I’ve made, and tell you about their progress. And, here we go…

Imber.net: This is my wife Sarah’s blog. She doesn’t have the award for the fastest post, but she gets the award for fastest hacking of a blog. Nobody else has attempted such customization. She also posts pretty consistently, clipping things out of books she’s read or magazines. Sarah’s most recent article is a poem about the towers.

Roger Simon: Roger’s was the first blog I created after Sarah’s. I customized it for him, so he doesn’t get any points for that. But he didn’t want to post anything until he had some old columns up there, so I imported a bunch of his stuff to give him a sort of back-catalog. He writes a regular column, so he’s pretty consistent about posting to his blog. His most recent article is about Saddam Hussein and a sniper rifle. Perhaps we can get the lunatic who’s terrorizing the Greater Washington area to go to Iraq.

EricPeterLoeb.Com: Eric got the award for fastest post, but he’s also got the Weird Award for most negative movement. He’s taken down his first post, so now all he has is the template, which is odd. I have to ask him about this.

RicksRant.Com: This is for my friend Rick, who moved to Louisville with his wife Amy. I set him up with a blog, and he’s been working on a piece about Warren Zevon’s medical diagnosis. I think he’s stuck.

DinkDrinky.Com: This is my colleague Colin’s blog. I knew what kind of blogger Colin would be when he immediately started on a project to update his blog through his new hiptop Danger. I suspect he’ll fall into the trap of “hack it hack it hack it…oh wait, I need content?” that many have.

John Dickerson’s blog is also by a colleague at work. Nothing yet.

DVDiva.Com is a blog by my friend BJ, who has always talked about setting up a website called DVDiva to review the DVD versions of movies. She’s eminently qualified, as she sees over 300 movies in a single year. Nothing there yet, except the test posting.

I’ll do another update soon.