Haiku about dogs

These haiku describe my dogs’ idyllic lives. If only we were all dogs.

The Sun Dial
Patch of sunlight crawls.
Asleep, he inches too. They
mark the day’s passing.

Asleep, his belly
tracks the sun, as the sun tracks
light across the room.

The door has blown shut.
Oh, for opposable thumbs!
Nose print marks my lust.

The endless circle:
Cycle of time spins him round.
Puppy chases tail.

Time to go to work:
At your feet, see what I’ve chewed!
And what have you done?

Whomever has said,
“Two dogs as easy as one”
Has not had two dogs.

After five thousand
Pounds of dirt, the garden’s built.
Small pup rips it up.

Attack dog gets prey:
Her first, she shakes it proudly.
Poor begonia plant.

Guarding the banker:
Two attack dogs alert here?
Nope, two pups snoring.

All copyrighted to me because I wrote them.