Nursing home research

Sarah’s grandmother in California needs a new facility during the rehab for her hip surgery. The current facility really blows.

I can’t tell you how hard this is to do this sort of research for a place on the other side of the country that I don’t know, and can’t return to very often except at great expense. And of course, I do product research as part of my job, but nobody’s grandmother suffers as a result of overlooking a detail in my evaluation of an e-mail vendor. There’s a lot riding on how well we handle this.

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“How to be good” by Nick Hornby

Nick Hornby, the master of the light and ironic, has a very different creature in his new book, “How to be good”. It can’t really be enjoyed as a light comedy such as “High Fidelity”, as it’s implications are far too deep.

In this book, his characters careen between action and inaction, battered by bourgeois guilt. If you’ve ever walked by a homeless person and said to yourself, “What would happen if I took this person home?”, you should enjoy this book.

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Required reading for a DC Scavenger Hunt

I recently ran a scavenger hunt for my company retreat. It was a lot of fun, but because I only had a few hours to let the teams solve the clues, I wasn’t able to do the really hard ones that require a full set of encyclopedias. Here are the books that I would have used, had I been able to make this so hard it required serious research.

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New weblog software is up

If you’ve previously been to 3mouths, you’ll notice that this looks different. I’ve found some web logging software that’s much better than PHPNuke called Movable Type

We’ve imported all the stories and comments from the old site and brought them here. Please let us know if you find something amiss.

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