Must-have sushi cookbooks

Sushi by Ryuichi Yoshii is one of my two working sushi cookbooks; get it for your kitchen, not your bookshelf.

Sushi book cover
When I decided to start making sushi, I plunged in and blew about $75 on four books. Two of them really impressed me, and Yoshii’s “Sushi” is one of them.

What I like about Sushi is that it has useful information for both the beginner and the advanced student. There’s a squeeze-by-squeeze guide for shaping your rice for nigiri-sushi, a simple sushi-vinegar recipie, and directions for almost all the basic sushi items you’ve had in a restaurant.

Battleships, hand rolls, inside out rolls, nori rolls, everything is covered here with step by step photos that show you how to use your fingers and hands in the preparation.

You can tell I use mine pretty heavily because the pages are sticky from being handled while my hands are covered in sushi vinegar. Pick it up from Amazon through this link, and help out 3 Mouths.