Reading lists

I love it when I go to the bookstore and the staff has written reviews of books for you on a card next to the book. In a world with too much information, curation is an invaluable resource.

I have been keeping reading lists that answer a specific question or topic I am fascinated in for a while now. I tend to try to only review things I like. I try to operate from the “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” philosophy. That being said, sometimes people publish things that just need to be called out.

You can find these reading lists below. Feel free to send me new resources to consider for each one.

A reading list for the existential period of mid-life: So many friends of just “that age” have told me the resources where are invaluable to them as they struggle with various incidents of existential despair in the middle period of life. Quite possibly the longest running project I have.

Post-apocalyptic media (books, film, comics) reading list: I have long been fascinated with the apocalypse, of which of course zombies are a small sub-genre. For over a decade I have consumed all things related to the apocalypse.

A reading list for those suffering from despair or fatalism: Sometimes the cruelty of my fellow humans just gets me down. I find that some of these resources I’ve reviewed help put it into perspective.