About Me

I have been incredibly fortunate.bio

I have been, roughly in order, a BBSer, a terrible Russian student, a mediocre clarinet player, a terrible student, a terrible son, a college drop out, a wonderful son, a desktop publisher, a college drop in, a Unix sysadmin, a Unix security admin, a husband, a white hat hacker for Wall Street, a digital liberties grassroots activist, an entrepreneur and founder, a digital public affairs professional, a semi-serious poker player, a fired founder who learned enough Delaware corporate law to fight and “win” a battle over who owned a company (nobody wins those except lawyers and VCs who get their money out first), a nonprofit analytics guru, a cause campaigner, an archer, a bass player, a better husband (the second time around), and a dad.

Somewhere, through all that, I tried to remember that I was incredibly fortunate and try and use that privilege to help others through volunteer work for good causes and election of leaders who practice compassion.